This page is dedicated to all those professional lifeguards who has saved lives not only in course of their call of duty but also when they were off duty fulfilling and meeting the Institutes Vision and Mission Statement!

Institute will not let go the stories and skills unsung of these hero's!

Good luck keep saving lives!
Star Lifeguards
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The Introduction

The Institute of Professional Life Guards is one of its kind in the country. The institute has become 1st and only of its kind that has received award for maintaining quality for excellence in the country surpassing all rest institutes / organisation imparting these skills being looked up as a light house. It is the first private institution in the country that offers swimming coaching certification, till date it is only Netaji Subhash National Institute of Sports run by the Government of India that certifies the swimming coaches. The difference with the certification, which our institution provides is that we have divided the entire certification in 5 different levels!! These levels starts right from level 1 to 5 i.e. beginners level to Olympic level trainer that is level 5. Currently our institute offers only level 1 and level 2 certification. In the coming time we will also start with the certification of rest of the higher levels. The institution aims at creating a team of professional swimming coaching certified coaches in India so that the speed of producing champions is accelerated. Moreover, today at many places unfortunately the correct skill of basic swimming is also not being imparted in the learners due many reasons. Thereby, it is an effort to improve the level of teaching and learning of swimming in our country. This way swimmer will not only enjoy swimming but they will also gain the maximum benefits of this great exercise. Further, the institute is one of its kind that to say that the only one in the country as well as amongst only a few in the world that offers a diploma course in the field of Life Guard. This also aims at improving the standards of the life guards in the country not only in their working but also in their job profile and responsibilities. This way we can bring the professionalism in this field too. The institute is also aiming to take this field to another height by soon launching of its one of the world's first course that will put a life guard through a whole new world of success and growth. We are preparing the module of this course for those who have a hunger to deliver a better idea and skill to save the mankind and minimise the risk of death due to drowning in water. The institute will provide a platform to such people who can deliver their own developed products i.e. ideas and skills.

Head and Corporate Office

Prof. Sanjeev Sharma (Director)
B – 59, 2nd Floor, Vivek Vihar, Phase – 2, Delhi, 110095
E- Mail:
Contact Number (Mobile): 09212559792 (wats app), 09999600552

Monday–Friday: 10:00AM–5:00PM          
Saturday: 11:00AM–3:00PM                Sunday: Off

Mr. Harish Kumar

He saved the life of a British Boy at Maidens Hotel, Shamnath Marg, Delhi
Mr. Dalip

He has saved many lives at 5 star hotels in Delhi and is acknowledged by Eros Hotel, Delhi
Mr. Kamrul Hoda

Before Life Guard Certification from the Institute he was working as junior lifeguard at Jeddah Aramco Recreation Pool. After 6 month I got promoted as Senior Lifeguard with Swimming instructor level #1. After certification he was working as a Lifeguard and Lifeguard Supervisor for Dar Al Akeeli at various project since 2015. Also Safety and Fire, is providing training to his fellow employees, also has trained over 40 lifeguards in this working period and helped two lifeguards become Lifeguard Supervisor. Now currently working as Open Sea Lifeguard Supervisor at Baish Aramco project.

Swimming Coaches
Mr. Jitender Kashyap

After doing the Life Guard Certification from the Institute he has till now saved lives of 13 people at NSCI club and 3 at Shangri-la hotel, Delhi.

He has been recipient of 9 time silver star best employee award and 1 time gold star best employee award from Shangri-la hotel, Delhi.

Mr. Mehtab

After doing the Life Guard Certification from the Institute he saved guests at Chowki Dhani Resort, Rajsathan.

Mr. Mansingh

After doing the Life Guard Certification from the Institute he saved a guest working at Crown Plaza Jaipur, Rajasthan

Mr. Amal Upadhayay

After doing the Life Guard Certification from the Institute his performance has been astonishing in the field of social service! Even during the COVID - 19 times he has been serving the society with the Municipal Corporation of Ahmdabad, Gujarat. He has been already helping the Differently abled kids in swimming where his students has also won medals. He himself has won medal recently at Goa and has saved many lives in Ahmdabad and open water falls during vacations!  

His videos of serving the society can be seen on IPLG Channel!
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Institute of Professional Life Guards Gives Heartly Congratulations to our Patron Sir for Getting Atal Award at Bhopal February 2023 for his lifetime achievements in the field of Indian swimming